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Since 1960’s, BIS has grown into a successful academic institution that “manages to seamlessly integrate cutting edge instruction with an old-world school charm for its growing student body.”

Today they are a part of Round Square Network that facilitates 160 schools in 40 countries.

Round Square recognises that effective learning is practical, multicultural and collaborative, and infused through a range of extra and co-curricular activities. They share a passion for experiential learning. Round Square schools are characterised by a shared belief in an approach to education based on six pillars or IDEALS.

Round Square Network, member schools thus commit to embedding the shared IDEALS throughout every learning activity within the school to raise responsible citizens. Inspired by the Round Square Organisation, the artwork illustrates the ideals on which they are based.

Internationalism empowers students to be global citizens.

Democracy Freedom of thought and speech is greatly encouraged .

Environmentalism honours the co-existence of human and nature.

Adventure fosters a spirit of adventure and allow students to discover their potential.

Leadership learn to be a true leader and serve others.

Service where in they discover how they can make a positive and sustainable difference through service.

The mural effectively communicates and instills in the students through visual learning, the core values that build a child and shape them into a good human being and a responsible global citizen.

Client Testimonials

  • We wanted an element, a piece of art that can light up and energize our space to create the right ambiance. Madhu came up with a concept where she would use our wedding date as a percentage to make a customised CMYK colour chart, creating an excellent piece of art.
    It is extremely nice and gives us lots of energy and colour — brightening up the entire space.

    Puneet Rajkumar
    Kannada Film Star

    Puneet Rajkumar, Actor
  • Over the past 15 years I have seen you grow by leaps and bounds after a very humble beginning. I have always admired your talent and creative abilities, and found you to be one of the most versatile, innovative artists with a distinctive style. I’m particularly impressed with your ability to transform the mood of a space and liven it up by creating a very positive impact on the user.

    Arch.Venu Shetty
    ACI, Bengaluru

    ACI , Bengaluru
  • After we approached you, it was really a dream come true. Art reflecting the name of the house is really a great design that is appreciated by all.

    Anagha Engineering Consultants

    Anagha Engineering Consultants
  • The peacock artwork we have in our exclusive showroom has been made by MadhuChandrika. Customers who visit our showroom see this and ask ‘Wow, who has made this?!!!’
    Madhu is very dedicated, she understands the client, their need and puts life in what she makes.

    Narinder Singh
    Neelkanth Jewellers

    Neelkanth Jewellers
  • We are in the business of jewellery and other collectibles, and are known to have an eye for the finer things in life. We have in our collection several works of art such as a Padamsee, a Vaikuntam, and several Gujrals and Yusuf Arakals.
    Our latest acquisition is a work of art from MadhuChandrika — a brilliant piece of work at the entrance of our office. Its an artwork that speaks for itself! The colours are shaded just right, and the maroon and gold blend perfectly to create an arresting piece.
    MadhuChandrika can truly make your wall speak. She is someone we would be happy to recommend and be associated with.

    Sanjeev Mahendra Mehta,
    Managing Director

  • Today hospitals are like hotels, and we wanted the experience to be seamless. Given the multitude of hospitals available, the look and feel of a hospital has to go hand in hand with the services it offers. It was for this that we tied up with MadhuChandrika to create colourful artwork that evoke a feeling of warmth and vibrancy, welcoming people of all ages into the hospital and making it feel like it wasn’t a hospital.

    Shruti Pai
    Manipal Edu and Med Group

    Manipal Edu and Med Group
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