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Client -MEMG Corporate office,Bengaluru


Manipal Education and Medical Group has a legacy traced back to 1953, when the Late Dr. T.M.A Pai had changed the face of education and healthcare in India through his pioneering vision. He transformed Manipal into this vibrant University Township and Centre of Learning. The magnificent hospitals and institutions are henceforth carrying his dreams, zeal, dedication and energy forward. As the company states, “His spirit is still alive- it is the spirit of Manipal”.

This inspiration has led to the development of the artwork, which has become the highlight of their corporate office. What appears to be an abstract work formed by tiny circles slowly emerges as you move away from the walls as the portrait of Late Dr. T.M.A Pai himself.

The artwork, which flutters with slight movement, adds to the dynamism of the space. One Artwork itself.

Execution: The artwork composed of more than 10,000 aluminum circles, cut and spray painted and screwed on to a wooden panel took over 3 months to complete starting from conceptualization to installation. The immense care taken to blend the portrait with the surrounding and to correctly replicate the imagery is well worth the effort.

Client Testimonials

  • After we approached you, it was really a dream come true. Art reflecting the name of the house is really a great design that is appreciated by all.

    Anagha Engineering Consultants

    Anagha Engineering Consultants
  • The mural is fantastic, and is enjoyed and appreciated by one and all. I hope to see you do more such work for us in the future as well. My appreciation to all the artists who worked on this.

    Pravin Iyer
    Director & COO -India
    Adcock Ingram

    Adcock Ingram
  • Today hospitals are like hotels, and we wanted the experience to be seamless. Given the multitude of hospitals available, the look and feel of a hospital has to go hand in hand with the services it offers. It was for this that we tied up with MadhuChandrika to create colourful artwork that evoke a feeling of warmth and vibrancy, welcoming people of all ages into the hospital and making it feel like it wasn’t a hospital.

    Shruti Pai
    Manipal Edu and Med Group

    Manipal Edu and Med Group
  • Over the past 15 years I have seen you grow by leaps and bounds after a very humble beginning. I have always admired your talent and creative abilities, and found you to be one of the most versatile, innovative artists with a distinctive style. I’m particularly impressed with your ability to transform the mood of a space and liven it up by creating a very positive impact on the user.

    Arch.Venu Shetty
    ACI, Bengaluru

    ACI , Bengaluru
  • We greatly appreciate your talent and perceptiveness in understanding the inner voice of the customer, and bringing into reality what started as a mere thought to enhance the facade of my residence.

    NEST at Bangalore

  • MadhuChandrika’s mission is to bring extraordinary art into work spaces. While our operations have grown into a premier aerospace company in the country, she has contributed to an atmosphere of creativity across our campus. Right from the time you enter — be it the reception or across our engineering centre — you will see aerospace murals depicted in a very artistic manner.

    Chris Rao
    Vice President
    Goodrich Aerospace Systems, Bangalore

    Goodrich Aerospace Systems
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