Celebration of life-Adcock Ingram pharmaceuticals PVT LTD


Adcock Ingram is a leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer. The Company manufactures, markets and distributes a wide range of healthcare products. Their mission is to provide quality products that improve the health and lives of people in the markets they serve.

The mural named ‘Celebration of Life’ visually brings to life these very same words and was designed to align with the company’s mission of enriching the lives of people through their products. The concept of the complex pieces of life coming together as a whole has been brought out subtly by the jigsaw puzzle format of the artwork.

This mural is a vibrant collage and metaphor for the celebration of life. Life in all its vibrance be it in rural or urban scenario, human life and nature intertwined and interdependent from the sun to the trees, birds, flowers, bees & water droplets juxtaposed in the mural visually articulate this. The vibrant colours are a metaphor to celebration. The logo of the company Adcock has been beautifully embedded into the design serving the fact that Adcock is very much entrenched in the people, society & environment it functions in.

Client Testimonials

  • Over the past 15 years I have seen you grow by leaps and bounds after a very humble beginning. I have always admired your talent and creative abilities, and found you to be one of the most versatile, innovative artists with a distinctive style. I’m particularly impressed with your ability to transform the mood of a space and liven it up by creating a very positive impact on the user.

    Arch.Venu Shetty
    ACI, Bengaluru

    ACI , Bengaluru
  • We greatly appreciate your talent and perceptiveness in understanding the inner voice of the customer, and bringing into reality what started as a mere thought to enhance the facade of my residence.

    NEST at Bangalore

  • MadhuChandrika’s mission is to bring extraordinary art into work spaces. While our operations have grown into a premier aerospace company in the country, she has contributed to an atmosphere of creativity across our campus. Right from the time you enter — be it the reception or across our engineering centre — you will see aerospace murals depicted in a very artistic manner.

    Chris Rao
    Vice President
    Goodrich Aerospace Systems, Bangalore

    Goodrich Aerospace Systems
  • We wanted an element, a piece of art that can light up and energize our space to create the right ambiance. Madhu came up with a concept where she would use our wedding date as a percentage to make a customised CMYK colour chart, creating an excellent piece of art.
    It is extremely nice and gives us lots of energy and colour — brightening up the entire space.

    Puneet Rajkumar
    Kannada Film Star

    Puneet Rajkumar, Actor
  • After we approached you, it was really a dream come true. Art reflecting the name of the house is really a great design that is appreciated by all.

    Anagha Engineering Consultants

    Anagha Engineering Consultants
  • MadhuChandrika has created outstanding murals at the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun. Apart from the subtle message, the murals also give vivid brightness to the buildings, enhancing the ambiance of the campus. The quality of material and workmanship is outstanding.
    Madhu has displayed thorough professionalism, completed the work in stipulated time and more importantly, to our satisfaction. We are highly appreciative of her enthusiasm and positive attitude.
    UPES strongly endorses Madhu’s ingenuity and artistic caliber.

    Brig (Retd ) SS Dhillon
    Director Admin
    University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

    Brig (Retd ) SS Dhillon
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