Batting For Green-RCB

RCB in collaboration with A Rocha India and Earthen Symphony up cycle to conserve the environment.

The waste that is generated at the stadium during each match is mind boggling!

The process of cleaning and segregating this waste after each match is quite a process which all happens behind the scenes and the people who are generating this waste are happily unaware of what they have contributed to!

In order to create awareness among the people regarding the 3 R’s – Reduce Reuse and Recycle it was decided to use the waste generated at the stadium to convey an important message of conservation.

This art installation has been constructed totally with the waste generated at the stadium with the aim of communicating visually the concept of go green and conservation.

The artwork was built in stages after each match using the waste generated post every match.

The art installation aims to show visually through its magnitude the amount of waste that gets generated in just a 4-5 hour match.

A 26ft cricket bat will still be small to hold only the empty water bottles collected at the stadium! The gigantic size is to impress upon the people about the enormity of the junk generated and intended to lead to introspection on how much of it could be from their contribution?

The aim of the plants and flowers is to give people food for thought about how out of the box thinking can bring solutions to what we deem impossible. If we reduce, reuse and recycle there is hope through which our environment can be conserved.

The idea is to make each individual realize how critical it is to think and go green at a personal level for conservation.

Through this art installation we intend to induce a thought process for a greener and cleaner environment.

As RCB has been passionately advocating, “go green” and has been taking several initiatives on this front what better way to influence their fans also into the concept than to build something visually communicative in their home grounds?

About A Rocha India

A Rocha India is a NGO working in the areas of conservation, science and education to protect the wildlife and habitat around Bangalore. Dedicated to conserving nature and transforming communities, A Rocha India works with the Karnataka Forest Department to manage human-animal conflict and raise awareness among the communities bordering the Bannerghatta National Park.

In addition, the team at A Rocha India carries out and applies field-based research to plan and implement conservation projects to protect wildlife and landscapes. Through regular environmental education programs conducted the team inspires youth and village communities to reduce human-wildlife conflict and protect the environment.

About Earthen Symphony-The Design Studio

Earthen Symphony is a design studio that brings your creative, decorative art to adorn a variety of spaces. With a unique sense of creative expression and design styling, it brings eclectic creations that speak volumes.

Earthen Symphony is led by the artist Madhu Chandrika who brings thorough knowledge of her craft and is able to put together creations for every space, quickly and innovatively.

Client Testimonials

  • Today hospitals are like hotels, and we wanted the experience to be seamless. Given the multitude of hospitals available, the look and feel of a hospital has to go hand in hand with the services it offers. It was for this that we tied up with MadhuChandrika to create colourful artwork that evoke a feeling of warmth and vibrancy, welcoming people of all ages into the hospital and making it feel like it wasn’t a hospital.

    Shruti Pai
    Manipal Edu and Med Group

    Manipal Edu and Med Group
  • Over the past 15 years I have seen you grow by leaps and bounds after a very humble beginning. I have always admired your talent and creative abilities, and found you to be one of the most versatile, innovative artists with a distinctive style. I’m particularly impressed with your ability to transform the mood of a space and liven it up by creating a very positive impact on the user.

    Arch.Venu Shetty
    ACI, Bengaluru

    ACI , Bengaluru
  • We greatly appreciate your talent and perceptiveness in understanding the inner voice of the customer, and bringing into reality what started as a mere thought to enhance the facade of my residence.

    NEST at Bangalore

  • MadhuChandrika has created outstanding murals at the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun. Apart from the subtle message, the murals also give vivid brightness to the buildings, enhancing the ambiance of the campus. The quality of material and workmanship is outstanding.
    Madhu has displayed thorough professionalism, completed the work in stipulated time and more importantly, to our satisfaction. We are highly appreciative of her enthusiasm and positive attitude.
    UPES strongly endorses Madhu’s ingenuity and artistic caliber.

    Brig (Retd ) SS Dhillon
    Director Admin
    University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

    Brig (Retd ) SS Dhillon
  • The mural is fantastic, and is enjoyed and appreciated by one and all. I hope to see you do more such work for us in the future as well. My appreciation to all the artists who worked on this.

    Pravin Iyer
    Director & COO -India
    Adcock Ingram

    Adcock Ingram
  • MadhuChandrika’s mission is to bring extraordinary art into work spaces. While our operations have grown into a premier aerospace company in the country, she has contributed to an atmosphere of creativity across our campus. Right from the time you enter — be it the reception or across our engineering centre — you will see aerospace murals depicted in a very artistic manner.

    Chris Rao
    Vice President
    Goodrich Aerospace Systems, Bangalore

    Goodrich Aerospace Systems