Atrium Installation 2 Honeywell office Bangalore


Campus-Orion campus, Bengaluru


Honeywell is India’s leading provider of advanced software solutions to the process industries. The company is based on five pillars, namely- Growth, Productivity, Cash, People and Enablers. The artwork at the reception reflects these five initiatives in an abstract manner. Each of the 5 panels were visualized in a vibrant color palette of intricately wound silk threads which ultimately converges into “H” hung in the center. This denotes that once an employee is well ingrained with the 5 he /she becomes a good fit into the company and would be instrumental in the growth of the company. Each panel also has an alphabet on it pointing to the initiative it stands for. This piece of art is not only a depiction of the initiatives, but also an inspiration to its employees to strive towards commitment to the company.

Execution : The 5 pieces are done with silk threads wound on 1/2″ aluminum pipes encased in a sheet metal aluminum frame which is hand brushed and mounted on a light wood casing. The thickness of the whole piece is 25 mm.

Client Testimonials

  • The peacock artwork we have in our exclusive showroom has been made by MadhuChandrika. Customers who visit our showroom see this and ask ‘Wow, who has made this?!!!’
    Madhu is very dedicated, she understands the client, their need and puts life in what she makes.

    Narinder Singh
    Neelkanth Jewellers

    Neelkanth Jewellers
  • MadhuChandrika’s mission is to bring extraordinary art into work spaces. While our operations have grown into a premier aerospace company in the country, she has contributed to an atmosphere of creativity across our campus. Right from the time you enter — be it the reception or across our engineering centre — you will see aerospace murals depicted in a very artistic manner.

    Chris Rao
    Vice President
    Goodrich Aerospace Systems, Bangalore

    Goodrich Aerospace Systems
  • We wanted an element, a piece of art that can light up and energize our space to create the right ambiance. Madhu came up with a concept where she would use our wedding date as a percentage to make a customised CMYK colour chart, creating an excellent piece of art.
    It is extremely nice and gives us lots of energy and colour — brightening up the entire space.

    Puneet Rajkumar
    Kannada Film Star

    Puneet Rajkumar, Actor
  • MadhuChandrika has created outstanding murals at the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun. Apart from the subtle message, the murals also give vivid brightness to the buildings, enhancing the ambiance of the campus. The quality of material and workmanship is outstanding.
    Madhu has displayed thorough professionalism, completed the work in stipulated time and more importantly, to our satisfaction. We are highly appreciative of her enthusiasm and positive attitude.
    UPES strongly endorses Madhu’s ingenuity and artistic caliber.

    Brig (Retd ) SS Dhillon
    Director Admin
    University of Petroleum & Energy Studies

    Brig (Retd ) SS Dhillon
  • After we approached you, it was really a dream come true. Art reflecting the name of the house is really a great design that is appreciated by all.

    Anagha Engineering Consultants

    Anagha Engineering Consultants
  • We greatly appreciate your talent and perceptiveness in understanding the inner voice of the customer, and bringing into reality what started as a mere thought to enhance the facade of my residence.

    NEST at Bangalore

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